Regional Tech Tour or Industry Summit Presidents

Roberto Ascione

Healthtech Summit 2016, President

Jean Rognetta

Fintech Summit 2016

George Coelho

Tech Tour Growth Forum 2016, Co-President

Simon Clark

Tech Tour Growth Forum 2016, Co-President

Nicolas Chaudron

Cleantech Summit 2015, President

Nicola Bettio

Arabian Tech Tour 2015, President Selection Committee

Stephan Morais

Digital Tech Summit 2015, President

Marc Sluijs

HealthTech Summit 2015, President

Jürgen Ingels

Benelux Tech Tour 2015, Co-President

Patrick Polak

Benelux Tech Tour 2015, Co-President

George Coelho

Tech Tour Growth Forum 2015, Co-President

Sven Lingjaerde

Tech Tour Growth Forum 2015, Co-President

Alexander Banz

Cleantech Summit 2014

Iker Marcaide

Iberian Tech Tour 2014

Stephan Morais

Iberian Tech Tour 2014

Ilkka Kivimäki

Nordic Tech Tour 2014

Anders Lindqvist

Nordic Tech Tour 2014

Johnny Henriksen

Nordic Tech Tour 2014

Angelo de Rosa

Healthtech Summit 2014 President

Jean Ferré

Digital Tech Summit 2014 , Co-President

Baruk Pilo

Digital Tech Summit 2014 , Co-President

Massimo Sapienza

Cleantech Summit 2013 President

Joerg Sievert

Tech Growth Summit 2013 President

David Farquhar

UK & Ireland TT 2013 President

Aris Constantinides

Healthtech Summit 2013 Co-President

Aynur Aydeldinov

Russian TT 2013 President

Pascal Eichenberger

Cloud & ICT Summit 2012 President

Eric Le Royer

Medtech Summit 2012 President

Francois Lainee

French & Benelux TT 2012 Co-President

Jurgen Ingels

French & Benelux TT 2012 Co-President

Inmaculada Martinez

Southern TT 2011 President

Ken Olisa

Web & Mobility Summit 2011 President

Joerg Sperling

Cleantech Summit 2011 President

Ralph Eric Kunz

DACH TT 2011 President

Pierre Liautaud

Cloud & ICT 2.0 Summit 2010 President

Bill Muirhead

Medtech Summit 2010 President

Jarkko Virtanen

Nordic Tech Tour 2010 President

Victor Basta

UK & Ireland Tech Tour 2010 President

Robert Lang

Web & Mobility Summit 2009 President

Konstantin Fokin

Russian Tech Tour 2009 President

Anders B. Christjansen

Danish Tech Tour 2009 President

Jean-Pierre Brulard

French Tech Tour 2009 President

Bernard Vogel

Cleantech Summit 2009 President

Brian Hashemi

MedTech Summit 2008 President

Alain Fanet

Semiconductor Summit 2008 President

Dominique Pitteloud

Semiconductor Summit 2008 Vice President

Terje Mikalsen

Norwegian Tech Tour 2008

Boris Anderer

German Tech Tour 2008 President

Yann Mauchamp

Web & Mobility Summit 2007 President

Keith Arundale

English Tech Tour 2007 President

Jorge Mata

Spanish Tech Tour 2007 President

Christian Wanner

Swiss Tech Tour 2007 President

Ian Ritchie

Scottish Tech Tour 2006 President

Dominique Pitteloud

Semiconductor Summit 2006 Executive Director

Nish Kotecha

Indian Tech Tour 2006 President

Barend Van den Brande

Benelux Tech Tour 2006 President

Coen van Duiven

Benelux Tech Tour 2006 President

Jacques Clay

French Tech Tour 2005 President

Daniel Kahn

Co-President - French Tech Tour 2005

Pekka Roine

Finnish Tech Tour 2005 President

Lars-Olof Bäckman

Swedish Tech Tour 2005 President (Deceased)

Claudia Blümhuber

German Tech Tour 2005 President

Paul Costigan

Irish Tech Tour 2004 President

Alexander Galitsky

Russian Tech Tour 2004 President

Jamie Mitchell

English Tech Tour 2004 President

Tamara Genosar

Israeli Tech Tour 2004

Carsten Blom-Hanssen

Danish Tech Tour 2003 President

Roberto Italia

Italian Tech Tour 2003 President

Jan Bomholt

Swiss Tech Tour 2003 President

Frode Vaksvik

Norwegian Tech Tour 2002 President

Roland Slot

Dutch Tech Tour 2002 President

David Sibbald

Scottish Tech Tour 2001 President

Alex Vieux

French Tech Tour 2001 President

Martin Velasco

Spanish Tech Tour 2000 President

Trudi Schifter

German Tech Tour 2000 President

Tom Henriksson

Finnish Tech Tour 2000 President

Magnus Berglind

Swedish Tech Tour 1999 President

William Kiely

Irish Tech Tour 1999 President

Patrick Scherrer

Swiss Tech Tour 1998 President

For each event we work closely with the local team which includes a President, who organises the agenda and works with a small team including a VP Selection Committee and a VP Sponsorship and Operations.

The local team varies and is voluntary. They are either regionally placed or are an industry expert in the case of the vertical summits. Part of the uniqueness of the TT is that each event is run by a new team so it never follows exactly the same process and is always fresh. That means each event is planned with undiminished enthusiasm and drive.

Each President and his/her committee of around 15-20 professionals from the country have a mission to identify the most attractive start up projects in their region or segment and to organize a 2 and a half day Tech Tour. During each Tech Tour, delegates have the opportunity to discover an average of 25 selected companies.

The TT President is selected by the executive committee of the Association for the purpose of organizing the Tech Tour in his/her region.

The benefit of being a TT President includes increased visibility among members, sponsors and the media, not to mention the many benefits of being involved in such a dynamic organisation.

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