Delegates are selected for their professional competence, their international experience and their ethical values. Anyone wishing to join the mailing list of the Tech Tour should contact the organization, which will provide information on the calendar of events.

The selection committee pays particular attention to the professional and functional balance of the delegates.

The Tech Tours are limited to a balanced group, of high position top executives from blue chip technology companies, international venture capitalists, investment bankers, specialized press, service providers and research.

Below is a snapshot of participating corporations in previous Tech Tour events or you can view actual lists in previous events:

Who Attends the Tech Tour Events?

TT delegates are committed to the high-technology industry and have been selected for their competence, dynamism and potential contributions. Coming from Asia, the US and Europe they are:
  • Top executives from blue-chip technology and leading companies
  • Successful entrepreneurs
  • Representatives of national or international research organizations
  • Directors of associations servicing the high-technology industry
  • Partners and senior professionals of leading VC Firms
  • Technology investment managers from development funds
  • Business angels
  • Professional service providers to the technology industry
  • Investment bankers
  • Politicians involved in technology development
  • Global media representatives

The number of delegates for each regional Tech Tour is limited to 70 people or 150 people for the Vertical Summits to ensure maximum interaction between delegates.

Organisation Type Breakdown (%)

Industry Sector Event Delegates Geographically (%)

Regional Tech Tour Delegates Geographically (%)

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