Presenting Companies

Your Benefits If You Get Selected

If your company is selected, we will introduce you to an international group of professionals coming from leading technology corporations, venture capitalists and service providers to the technology industry that have the POTENTIAL to have a significant impact on your project, and may help you find partnership and financing. We aim to accelerate the expansion and internationalization of promising companies around Europe, and have successfully achieved this in the past. Additionally, our event will be covered by leading international press and the local technology press, which will offer you great visibility, as will the posting on our website.

Only 20-25 companies get selected to present at each Tech Tour or Industry Sector Summit. Therefore, if you do not get selected, this decision in no way a judgment on the relevance of your business, but is more related to the required balance of stages and industries that will be presented on the occasion of the Tour or sub-segmentation at the Vertical Summits.

Selection Process

The selection committee has been set up to ensure the independence of decision in the project selection process. It is composed of leading business people, coming from relevant backgrounds and covering various trades, such as venture capital, technology industry, research and the specialized press. All the information you provide will be handled with extreme confidence. Only the Selection Committee Members will have access to your data. It is not possible to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for each particular application, but the Tech Tour can assure you that all Selection Committee Members are professionals with a solid reputation and vast experience in handling confidential information.

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