About the Tech Tour

The Tech Tour was founded by Venture Capitalist Sven Lingjaerde in 1998. As of 2013, the Tech Tour is collaborating with the International Venture Club (IVC) and Europe Unlimited on all events and activities. We are a platform for Innovative Investors, Hi tech Entrepreneurs (from early to late stage), Corporates and Government Influencers. Our organization is committed to the development of emerging technology companies from Europe. Our contribution to the high tech industry is through the development of Regional Tech Tours and Industry Summits that bring together the entire technology ecosystem of local and global players. We also reward and celebrate entrepreneurship in Europe through our annual ‘Tech Tour Growth Award’ and ‘Innovation’ Awards.


  • To provide a platform that allows interactions between the three main groups, ENTREPRENEURS, INVESTORS and INDUSTRY PLAYERS eventually leading to facilitating or funding local companies looking to expand internationally.
  • To bring more transparency to Europe's regional markets and to build a stronger relationship between its members and each region

Strategic Vision

To offer the leading independent platform for emerging technology companies, international investors and corporate executives, with direct access to projects and people of high relevance in specific regions or industry sectors. The community we build is composed of local and global best practice professionals. We believe in focused, exclusive and highly interactive events.

Our Mission

We stand for a Europe where Tech Entrepreneurs can access the money, the mentors and the markets they need to win globally.
  • To identify unique and innovative projects having the potential to impact the European technology landscape;
  • To introduce selected companies to a unique circle of top-ranking global investors, corporations and advisors to the high-tech world; and
  • To contribute to the development of high-tech and innovative companies in Europe, as a non-profit organization.

Regional Tours and Summits

Each Tech Tour or Summit is led by a local volunteer President, who has a strong reputation within their region or industry. The President puts in place a selection committee with 15 to 20 leading professionals (best practice) in their region or industry to assist with the company selection as well as the logistics and planning of the event. They identify the 20-25 most attractive regional or industry based projects to be presented during the event.

The geographic regions are: (held every 3-4 years)
  • Nordic TT: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia
  • UK and Ireland TT: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • French & Benelux TT: France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands
  • DACH TT: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Croatia
  • Discovery TT: Israel, Russia, Eastern Europe and others

The industry sectors are: (held each year)
  • IT/Web & Mobility/Cloud (Tech)
  • Healthtech/Medtech
  • Cleantech

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