Sponsorship Opportunities

The Tech Tours attracts a network of leading figures from the world of high technology — industrialists, entrepreneurs, service-providers, and players on the political and economic scene. With the presence of 250 VC's or corporate executives, journalists and local government officials from various countries during the gala dinner and around 70 delegates during the tech tour or 150 delegates during the industry sector summits, sponsorship at Tech Tour events is an extremely efficient vehicle for companies looking to gain high levels of exposure to an influential audience in Europe.

Benefits to Sponsoring an Tech Tour event:
  • Differentiation in the market place;
  • Opening new markets;
  • Brand rejuvenation;
  • Networking & cross promotion;
  • Access to unique content;
  • Access to new target audiences and
  • Access to Tech Tour contacts.
Why Sponsor a Tech Tour or Summit?

  • Your company will be exposed to a very select group of “who's who” in the international & local investment and entrepreneurial community.
  • During the gala dinner, as a sponsor you will be seen to be supporting the promotion of innovation and new company creation by senior figures in industry, finance and government.
  • Before, during, and after the event, your company will also be exposed to a larger audience through a presence on the Tech Tour website and in all promotional materials.
  • Efficient networking to a carefully targeted group of senior investors and advisors
  • On-the-move format ensures you are always meeting new people .
  • At your request, we will arrange private meetings with one or more personalities of your choice on the tour list or with the presenting companies.
  • Business opportunities
  • You get access to the full Tech Tour database of “rising star” companies.
  • Access to a seat on the selection committee (limited availability).
  • Opportunity to animate a pre-tour workshop attended by a select audience of high growth company CEOs (limited availability).
Select the sponsorship package that best suits your needs:
  • Global
  • Local Gold
  • Local Silver
  • Local Bronze
  • Local Support
  • A la Carte (Gala Dinner, Special Event, Promotional items etc)

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