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Adiari, Some company

First European Materials and Industry Venture Forum exceeded our expectations. Lots of interactions between investors and companies and almost all relevant material players in Europe were present making it a unique opportunity to exchange practices in a very particular field. The atmosphere within the community brought together in Ghent was very positive and we are looking forward to further follow up of contacts and opportunities established during the forum.
Sven Vandeputte, Managing Director OCAS and FININDUS

As the Italian national Agency for business development actively engaged in the start-up scene in Italy, we were delighted to host the Italian Tech Tour in Rome. I was very impressed with the high quality of the participants and with how well the event was organized. The Italian start-up and VC ecosystem is developing fast and I think that the Tech Tour contributed to make this fact known to a wider international audience. I look forward to see the fruits of the intense networking that took place during the three days of the event.
Domenico Arcuri, Invitalia

The TechTour event in Jeddah was an important moment for Jeddah and the Saudi Investors Community. It was great for them to enjoy the event at Kaust and as Pictet we were delighted to support such an event. Networking and facilitating relations between potential investors and entrepreneurs are part of Pictet's DNA. For most of the community, we are most probably seen as a pure traditional wealth advisors but through such an event we were able to demonstrate as well our ability to serve and advise the future generation of entrepreneur and support them in their seek for growth.
Diego Suter, Pictet

Not only was I very impressed by the KAUST facilities but also by all these new entrepreneurs from the Gulf region. As a former representative of our Law Firm in Riyad, I was amazed by the dynamism showed in that respect and I’m sure that an event like the Arabian Tech Tour will help a lot in fostering this trend in the region. I was proud as a Gide partner to raise our flag during these two enthusiastic days.
Hughes Scalbert, GIDE

It has been a great experience for the Valencian region to host the Iberian Tech Tour and to have Valencia in the center of the European Investment Environment. A great opportunity to join well known european top investors and potentially succesfully startups from both, our national and regional, entrepreneurial environment.
Raul Martin Calvo, Director Economics, Generalitat Valenciana, IVACE

What we liked most was the high quality of tech companies and investors who were summoned; and the representation of public institutions. Undoubtly one of the best ways to meet the Business Network that is developing in our region.
Miguel Torres Carrion, Director, Sabadell

Iberian Tech Tour is been a really intimate atmosphere for high level start-ups and European Vcs, It is the right place for cultivating relationships in 48hrs that otherwise would take at least months.
Enrique Penichet, Bbooster

The Healthtech Summit was outstanding. I found the content to be relevant and meaningful. In addition, the networking opportunities with companies and fellow investors was excellent. I would recommend this summit as a key event to attend.
William Taranto, President, Merck

Once again Tech Tour managed to put together a great group of entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders. This years focus on the Nordics proves that the region is not only about the established success stories but that there are plenty of new initiatives which have all the ingredients to succeed on an international level! Nasdaq OMX is proud to have been a part of this years Nordic Tour!
Adam Kostyal, Senior VP, NASDAQ

We are seeing a lot of benefit from being a Global Partner. The Tech Tour provides us with a lot of insight on the companies that are selected and it helps us to look at the themes that are changing the world and the changing needs of our clients.
Agnes de Guzman, Senior Private Banker, Pictet & Cie,

Enterprise Ireland was delighted to be a partner with the Ireland and UK Tech Tour as it provided an excellent platform to showcase the high quality technology companies emerging from the Irish tech scene. The event was well organised and professionally run providing a format to showcase Ireland as one of the technology capitals of Europe. It also gave the Irish teams an excellent opportunity to meet with investors from around the globe in a very effective manner.
Tom Cusack, Director Americas, Enterprise Ireland, Ireland

This was my second time at a Tech Tour event and I continue to be impressed at the high level of the discussions as well as the strengths of the start-up companies who present their novel technologies.
David Cassak, VP, Elsevier Business Intelligence, USA

The HTS 2013 in London is an excellent evolution of the Summit into the public equity markets. Since 2008, the Summit has brought together the ecosystem of Healthtech to support and accelerate the development of the most promising European companies making global impact in healthcare. It is good to see so many success stories emerging from Europe and the theme of this year
Brian Hashemi, Managing Partner, Salus Partners, Switzerland

It was amazing to see a great slate of Russian entrepreneurs.
Leo Batalov, Partner, Orrick, Russia

Inspiring, enhancing, eye-opening, in sum a unique experience. Rarely do you get to meet so many interesting, diverse and pleasant people at one event!
Alain Held, Senior VP Business Development, Pictet, Switzerland

Once again the Russian Tech Tour has proved to be a highly efficient and positive way for European and local venture capital elite to meet the best Russian tech companies, its future pride and glory.
Konstantin Fokin, CEO, Moscow Innovation Development Centre, Russia

Thank you very much for organising the MedTech Summit 2012. We got presented a wide range of more than 25 good quality Medtech companies and had also great networking opportunity with the Entrepeneurs, other investors and corporates. That all packed in only 2 days, very productive time spent!
Elderd Land, GIMV, Partner, Belgium

What I enjoyed particularly with the Tech tour Solutions was the gathering in one day of highlights on four sectors of activity with four great companies presenting. Instructive, efficient, powerful !
Olivier Edwards, Morgan Lewis, France

I was impressed by the quality of the presentations and participants of the Tech Tour. It gave me confidence the entrepreneurial spirit is still there in Europe. I am convinced some of the presented companies will become real success stories in the coming years.
Wim de Waele, IBBT, CEO, Belgium

As an early stage investor in highly innovative companies, the 2012 TT offered me a great opportunity to meet with an impressive set of promising tech entrepreneurs and potential co-investors,
Kenneth Wils, PMV, Business Manager, Belgium

This year's TT edition has again impressed me. Bringing together the best of breed southern european companies and living the spanish-italian experience as a group over 3 days has been great for networking, fun and future business.
Carles Ferrer, Nauta Capital, General Partner, Spain

It was a pleasure to host one day of the Southern Europe TT. The quality of the entrepreneurs who presented their companies and the interest shown by the investors made the event very profitable for all who participate here. These types of events are crucial for the growth and development of technology based companies. So I encourage the organisers to keep on with Tech tours around Europe in the near future.
Marian Ibarrondo, Bizkaia Technology Center, Innovation Manager, Spain

The Tech Tour Cleantech Summit is a very unique opportunity for the start-up of our region to have access to a large community of international VCs and investors!
Raphael Conz, State of Vaud, Economic Promotion, Switzerland

As always the event proved to be the right place to meet the most important players in the cleantech space. As sponsors and selection committee members we particularly pay attention to a good mix of company presentations and once again the tech tour has met the expectations. It was a balanced program, the organisation flawless with outstanding service. Well done!
Dennis Brenninkmeijer, Entrepreneurs Fund, Partner, UK

This year
Bart Diels, GIMV, Partner, Belgium

The format of the DACH Tech Tour created an electric, creative and collegial environment for investors and entrepreneurs; thereby facilitating the formation of strong business relationships and personal bonds between the participants -- and it was good fun!
Nick Heller, Google, Principal New Business Development, Switzerland

The perfect VC event: high-quality companies providing a great overview what's happening in the region, ample networking opportunities combined with lots of fun and a flawless organization working like a swiss watch.
Hansjoerg Sage, GIMV, Partner, Germany

I had some doubts when I was asked to sponsor the Techtour. But at the end it turned out to be a great investment. I met interesting investors, I had the chance to get to know excellent entrepreneurs and we all had a lot of fun beyond business talks.
Dr. Mathias Hiebeler, Heads, Managing Partner, Germany

Tech Tours are always a great combination of interesting companies, deep networking and some fun on the way!
Bart Markus, Wellington Partners, General Partner, Germany

The format of the event, the quality of the conversations and the people attending were outstanding. A unique opportunity to learn about emerging companies and how well Europe is embracing cloud computing.
Nicholas Cumins, SVP, Solution Management, SAP, USA

The ETT Cloud ICT 2.0 Summit 2010 had been a great place to meet with enterpreneurs and investors in the highly dynamic Cloud industry and exchange mutual views and business ideas. I have been particularly impressed with the creative and positive mindset present with the delegates and presenters.
Christian Klezl, IBM Northeast Europe, VP Cloud Computing, IBM, Austria

Very interesting and constructive event.
Sandy Wetzel, Project Manager, Canton Vaud Economic Promotion, Switzerland

The ETT Cloud ICT 2.0 Summit 2010 demonstrated a strong move towards Cloud solutions from the presentations and panel discussions. It was also a great networking event.
Bjarne Rasmussen, CTO & VP Europe, CA Technologies, Switzerland

This Summit was not only the occasion to meet our fellows VCs and a large set of entrepreneurs, but was also an eye opening event regarding the potential of cloud computing."
Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners, France

The Innovation X Change was a hugely successful event. We are very pleased with the decision taken by the selection committee. Both Betfair, winner of the "Entrepreneur of the year" award, and Spartoo.com, winner of the "Schroders Innovation Award", are companies which have achieved great results showing strong entrepreneurship, which in our opinion is absolutely essential for success.
Bernard Leibkutsch, Director, Schroder & Co. Banque, Switzerland

A very well organized meeting with high quality attendance. The MedTech Summit is an excellent showcase for innovation in the medical devices space.
Dr. Gregoire Biollaz, Research Analyst, Credit Suisse, Switzerland

I was very impressed with the quality of presenting companies this year. To me, this is a clear sign that the European medtech start up industry is maturing. I was glad that the Medtech Summit was able to capture this.
Antoine Papiernik, Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners, France

State of the art event: very well organized, very well managed, very well attended. The quality of the presenting companies was outstanding. I look forward to the next edition in 2012.
Thomas Goebel, Principal, Neomed, Switzerland

The Benelux Tech Tour succeeded in putting the spotlight on the most innovative Benelux tech companies providing Returns-On-Innovation.
Tom Paffen, Partner, Residex Ventures, Netherlands

We were very pleased to support the Benelux Tech Tour organisation since it was an overwhelming success. It reinforced our international positioning and exposure towards the entrepreneurial community in our home market. Maybe even more important, the Tour enabled the local Tech companies to extend their network towards international corporate and venture professionals.
Elderd Land, Executive Investment Manager, GIMV, Netherlands

The event was an excellent showcase of the strength of innovation in the European semiconductor market.
Gordon Fairley, Marketing Manager, IBM, Switzerland

The Tech Tour is much more than a who's who of the tech scene in Switzerland - the perfect organization and its unique formula of changing venues favors personal and fruitful exchanges among CEOs, partners of VC firms and corporate advisors. By contrast to other events, the Tech Tour is not about networking, it's about knowing each other and working together.
Michel Jaccard, Partner, BCCC Attorneys, Switzerland

The Swiss Tech Tour 2007 was outstanding, both in terms of program and quality of interaction with investors and high tech companies. This was a unique opportunity to get the pulse of the Swiss tech cluster.
Dominique Megret, Head of Venture Investments, Swisscom, Switzerland

The Swiss Tech Tour provided me with a remarkable insight into Swiss technlogy and Swiss culture. The events were an unusual experience that I will certainly remember. One of the Best Tech Tours.
Alain Ries, Partner, Iris Capital, France

Congratulations on a very well organized tour - well done.
Christian Waldvogel, General Partner, Vinci Capital, Switzerland

Brown Rudnick has been a supporter and sponsor of the European Tech Tour for eight years. During that time, we have witnessed the growth of a network of investors and strategic partners focused on building world-class European technology companies, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Tour and the delegates that have attended. We are proud to have been part of the selection committee for the recent English Tech Tour and thankful for the opportunity to participate with this esteemed group.
Tina Baker, Partner, Brown Rudnick, UK

60 investors seeing 25 of the best companies that have been pre-selected from hundreds by a selection committee is a really efficient and focused use of time!
Nigel Grierson, Managing Director, Doughty Hanson, UK

A really outstanding group of companies and a lot of interest from us!
Michael Shepherd, Managing Director, Growthpoint Technology Partners, USA

Once again I found the ETT organisation of the English Tech Tour first class. Having attended Tech Tour events since 1999 and my team having collectively participated in more than a dozen events we have always found them to be an excellent way of viewing a quick snapshot of what is happening I am already looking forward to next years events.
Mark Taylor, CEO, Noble Venture Finance, UK

The German Tech Tour is the premier event in Germany for Venture and Growth investors when it comes down to meeting management teams and founders and discussing industry trends with them.As Iris Capital we have participated in many TechTours all across Europe and the quality of companies and the people one can meet is always outstanding. The events are a must and go directly to the core of our business.
Erkan Kilicaslan, Partner, Iris Capital Management

The City of Munich has been pleased to welcome the 2008 edition of the German Tech Tour to Munich again. For a second time we were impressed by this first class networking opportunity, both in terms of program and quality of interaction with investors and high tech companies. We are proud to have supported this outstanding event and hope that this will create the necessary catalyst to stimulate the growth and development of the German and of course the Munich based venture capital community.
Kurt Kapp, City of Munich

We are a big supporter of the Tech tour as we believe it provides a unique condensed window on the promising technology companies in a particular region, combined with networking par excellence with the relevant players in that region
Bart Markus, General Partner, Wellington Partners, Germany

The European Tech Tour is a unique event whose positive energy and intensity provide a perfect backdrop for meetings between entrepreneurs and VCs. It is a great platform to connect to as a sponsor.
Jorg Sievert, Partner, SAP Ventures

The Norwegian TT was again a great experience; exposure to exciting companies, good networking event with investor peers, and beautiful locations
Torleif Ahlsand, General Partner, Northzone Ventures

Excellent networking opportunity with international VC professionals.
Pal Rodseth, Ferd

Good things come to those who wait! The 2006 Semiconductor Tech Tour was very good. This year's version was excellent. I can't wait for 2010.
Soren Hein, Principal, Doughty Hanson, Germany

The ETT Semiconductor Summit has evolved into an important focal point for discussion of business development and capital formation issues across the sector. Strong participation from leading entrepreneurs, large multinationals, investors and industry thought leaders makes this event a "must" for semiconductor industry executives.
Bruce Huber, Managing Director, Jefferies International, UK

This well organised event once again delivered a quality forum for seminconductor innovation in Europe and excellent networking opportunities with the industry's thoughtleaders. The event is scheduled at the right frequency and we look forward to the next edition.
Adrian O'Connor, IBM, Switzerland

A great event. It provides an overview of the VC backed semicon industry in Europe. A platform for as well companies as for venture capitalists.
Alex Brabers, Executive VP, GIMV, Belgium

On the behalf of Synopsys I can say that Summit 2008 was very well managed and organized (and I do have experience in this area). This event is a unique European opportunity to meet with top notch emerging companies as well as enjoying quality informal discussions with passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned individuals from the VC community. We look forward to participating to the next event.
Paul Schoukroun, Field Marketing Manager, Synopsys, France

We found the ETT has created a unique, informative and above all enjoyable environment within which to network and learn from the leaders in the European Semiconductor community.
Simon Greaves, Faraday Search & Selection, UK

As a supplier to the semiconductor start-up community this is the most targeted forum for business in Europe, a must attend event for anyone with an interest in the industry. It offers an unrivalled opportunity to meet the innovators and entrepreneurs, investors and suppliers to the industry and see where the next
Paul Double, EDA Solutions, UK

I attend many of these types of events. I was very impressed with the quality of the companies that presented. The selection committee clearly had some exceptional companies to choose from and the summit attracted a blue chip group of investors. Overall, an exceptional event!
Brett Johnson, President & Executive Editor, OneMedPlace.com, USA

We highly appreciated the first ETT MedTech Summit. It is a great initiative which offered a lot of value to all stakeholders involved. Thanks to the great efforts by the selection committee and the selection process, the event is very efficient both for the companies and the investors. We were extremely happy to sponsor the event with Swiss Medtech and SIX Swiss Exchange and to get such a great and personal exposure to this unique and high quality group of medtech companies and investors.
Yvonne Gunsch-Wegmann, VP, SIS Swiss Exchange, Switzerland

It turned out to be an excellent event. This will be the way we will move the European MedTech start ups on the global map. The interaction and informal exchange of the corporate people, together with the start ups was of extraordinarily high value. The selection and presentations of the companies were very good, and we have set up three follow up meetings with companies, which presented there. We will definitely return next time.
Thom Rasche, Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital, Germany

This was a fantastic Tech Tour. I've been to several tours before but the blend of companies, people and activites on the Swedish Tour was unprecidented. The local organization did an outstanding job. The Thursday dinner under the midnight sun was a "peak experience" in more than one way...
Linus Lundberg, Principal, Vision Capital, USA

Midnight sun, reindeer, helicopters, jet fighters and great investment networking. We are very satisfied!
Tomas Sokolnicki, Investment Promotion Manager, Invest in Sweden Agency, Sweden

The Finnish TT was a great event to meet with interesting companies and network with colleagues around Europe. It was very well organized with a tight schedule (which I like). By the way - we had time to have some fun too!
Vesa Wallden, Investment Director, Capman, Finland

Good quality and sample group of Finnish companies. Very well packed program, good networking environment, and nice atmosphere. Exceeded my expectations.
Sami Karppinen, Investment Director, Nexit Ventures, Finland

In addition to the professionalism, the Finnish Tech Tour 2005 was also characterized by a friendly and smooth networking spirit, which obviously is a fundamental prerequisite for successful VC activity. So thanks also to you for making it happen!
Jon Unnerus, Associate Lawyer, Roschier Holmberg, Finland

The Finnish TT was full of great opportunities, it was an excellent place for networking. The arrangements were superb, I enjoyed every minute of the event, not least the smoke sauna in Oulu.
Vesa Sadeharju, Director, 3i, Finland

Repeat entrepreneurs, great business opportunities, and VC's talking about their recent exits. The French TT 2005 is a sign of great things to come from the French venture and innovation markets.
Fred Destin, Partner, Atlas Venture, UK

The French TT was the ideal event to get a snapshot of the best high-tech companies in France. The event was perfectly organized and well designed for networking, time well spent!
Jean-Luc Abaziou, Partner, Highland Capital Partners, USA

We are very pleased with our decision to be a Gold sponsor of the Sweden Tech Tour 2005. The excellence of the presenting companies, the quality of the participants of the tour and the perfect arrangement - day and night - made this into exactly such an event as Northzone Ventures wants to be associated with.
Joergen Bladh, General Partner, Northzone Ventures, Sweden

Most impressive part of the tour was the opening dinner at which we had the very top of Swedish industry (Marcus Wallenberg of Investor and Sven-Christer Nilsson, TeliaSonera and formerly of Ericsson), address the group, together with additional major corporates, such as Saab and Volvo, as sponsors of the event, along with PwC of course, all declare their commitment to Swedish early-stage and high growth technology companies. For PwC the resulting profile of this tour and the opportunity during the selection process so many quality technology companies in depth were excellent.
Keith Arundale, European Venture Capital Leader, PWC, UK

Hectic, interesting and fun - an event well worth participating in.
Jussi Saarinen, Partner, BrainHeart Capital, Sweden

Nigel Grierson, Managing Director, Doughty Hanson, UK

The English Tech Tour 2004 provided a unique and informative networking and meeting platform for the members of the high-tech Venture Capital, entrepreneurial and professional services communities. The quality of the presenting companies and the networking events afforded by the tour were of the highest order. We are delighted that we had the opportunity to participate in what was a very professionally organised, rewarding and enjoyable event.
Richard Eaton, Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, UK

The energy during the tour was fantastic. Of course the "Think Global, Drink Local" motto helped us along the way, but more importantly, the delegates got engaged during company presentations. Often times, with the group like ours there is a dynamic discussion about technology potential, competitiveness etc. These discussions gave me a lot of food for thought.
Vladimir Bernstein, Investment Director, JSC Russian Technologies, Russia

It is quite a challenge to present a good overview of Russia's high tech entrepreneurial capabilities in 48 hours. The Russian TT not only delivered to that promise, but included a glimpse into the culture as well as great networking. A very effective way to get started exploring Russia and its possibilities.
Siegfried Langer, Relationship Executive Research & Development, IBM, Russia

As a long term partner in the European Tech Tour, it was great to participate in expanding markets, such as Russia and the Russian Tech Tour. The organization is playing an important role in bringing technology entrepreneurs together with the business establishment, which is great for innovation across the board.
Stan Stalnaker, Marketing Director, Fortune Magazine, UK

The Tech Tour provides excellent access to innovative companies, industry contacts and an opportunity to experience the business and cultural climate driving innovation in a country.
Dilip $Mistry, Emerging Business & Venture Capital Relations, Microsoft EMEA, UK

This was Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault's first sponsorship of and participation in the Irish TT and we are convinced that it was an important focal point for Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault's vibrant technology practice and our planned European growth.
Mark Bettencourt, Partner, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, USA

Oracle is proud to have been a local sponsor of the Irish TT. Many of Oracle's 125 partners in Ireland were represented at the event, and it was a good opportunity to network and demonstrate our commitment to the Irish market. It was especially useful to meet the VCs behind many existing and prospective partners, and understand how we can jointly support the success of Irish software companies.
Glen Cahill, ISV Manager, Oracle, Ireland

The German TT was an excellent opportunity for me to get an overview of key (local) emerging technology companies, highlighting the innovation power that exists in Europe. It also gave me the chance to network with some of the best international venture capitalists, and to share Microsoft
Dan Lewin, Corporate VP, Microsoft, USA

After having participated in the German TT, I have to add that my expectations were greatly exceeded. Although the schedule was brutal in terms of the agenda, this allowed for an incredible opportunity to fit so much into two and a half short days. As both a sponsor and participant, I can highly recommend to anyone planning on attending a Tech Tour in the future that it is a worthwhile event and should not be missed if you are focused on the region where it is taking place.
Paul Jozefak, Investment Director, SAP Ventures, Germany

The German TT has been an outstanding showcase of the very best of what the German technology start-up community had to offer. We are proud to have been a sponsor of such a successful event and hope that this will create the necessary catalyst to stimulate the growth and development of the German venture capital community.
Hazem Ben-Gazem, Partner, Investcorp, UK

Many high potential decision makers from VCs and Tech Companies! A wonderful program with lots of opportunities for making new valuable contacts! The German TT really has the potential to become a leading event of this fascinating industry.
Rainer Kreifels, Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, Germany

The German TT was more than worthwhile to take part in, as a sponsor as well as a participant. We saw promising entrepreneurs with great companies! Networking was fantastic. The committee was able to attract the Who is Who in the venture business. Bringing investors and entrepreneurs together is a promising way to shape the future of Germany.
Martin Weber, CFO, Holtzbrinck Networks, Germany

Thanks a lot for an excellent event last Wednesday - you have probably heard that from many others. My impression was also that the following days were exciting. It went off well and we definitely had our expectations fulfilled. We were happy to participate.
Berit Lorenzen, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Denmark

The Danish Tech Tour was an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to contribute to the industry ecosystem. VCs, entrepreneurs from emerging businesses and corporate participants were provided a unique setting to develop meaningful discussions and prepare for action plans. Collaborating with the European Tech Tour is a priority for Microsoft and we especially found the Danish Tech Tour a big hit 10/10. The community spirit and cultural landscape of Denmark highly contributed to a very good use of time.
Sheetal Mehta, Director for VC Relations, Microsoft, UK

What a great way to see first hand the key IT and meditech development areas in the country, network with leading international and local VCs and discover some real business development opportunities with fast-growth potential companies. It was also a lot of fun!
Keith Arundale, European VC Leader, PWC, UK

Thank you very much to you and your colleagues for a very successful and professionally organized Danish TT. It was a pleasure attending the event and it was really useful to me.
Ruth Bojer, Research Associate, Tornado Insider, Netherlands

The Danish Tech Tour provided for excellent opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and corporate to share experiences and relate on different approaches to issues of mutual interest and benefit. In particular, investors were impressed by the breath and depth of Danish high technology start-ups, both in relation to products and strategies and to the quality of management team. Conversely, entrepreneurs had amble opportunity to meet up with investors and corporate on a scale that would be very difficult to attain outside the Tech Tour set-up.
Soren Hovgaard, Partner, Vaekstfonden (Danish Investment Fund), Denmark

The high tech community in Israel and JVP in particular are delighted to have hosted the first European Tech Tour in Israel. As the world of Venture Capital becomes more and more international, European and Israeli companies have the opportunity to become true international leaders through the cooperative efforts of European and Israeli Entrepeneurs and VC's.
Erel Margalit, Managing Partner, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Israel

A highly efficient use of time for understanding the culture and key elements comprising the technology market in Israel. Exposure to some of the best deal opportunities and main players in the VC market. Very good networking. Do not plan on getting much sleep!
Roni Hefetz, General Partner, Walden, Israel

Giza was proud to be associated with ETT and we admire ETT
Zeev Holtzman, Chairman & CEO, Giza Venture Capital, Israel

The Israeli Tech Tour 2004 provided us with a unique opportunity to expose Israel's best of breed high-tech entrepreneurial offering to leading investment entities mainly from Europe, which through this pioneering mission were initiated to Israel. We are confident that this successful visit was the first step toward future investments of the participating entities in Israeli companies. Coming to Israel at these times was nothing less than another confirmation to the evidence that Israel is a must in any global technology portfolio building strategy, and we commend Tech Tour and each one of its participants for choosing Israel.
Michel Habib, Director Business Development, Elron Electronic Industries, Israel

Congratulations for a fantastic event. It was the best networking event with start-up companies and especially with other early stage investors I have attended for a long long time. The format of constant movement and breaks generating natural opportunities to network with colleagues and entrepreneurs proved to be highly efficient and successful. From a sponsor perspective we are very excited to have had the chance to sponsor the event. Please extend also our congratulations to the whole team.
Jurgen Neumann, Senior Associate, Apax Partners, Germany

The Swiss Tech Tour was by far the most effective networking event I have ever had the privilege of attending. The idea of getting on and off trains, buses and boats over the a day period is brilliant. Even if you are shy and antisocial you cannot avoid meeting lot's of great contacts!
Peter Kazimirski, European Leader, PWC, Switzerland

The Tech Tour provided a highly focused and efficient platform to informally exchange ideas and concepts, meet the right people and create a reasonable degree of awareness.
Andreas Hurlimann, Director, Arthur D. Little, Switzerland

These were very busy days! It was a mix between the pleasure of meeting colleagues, getting an update on many start-ups we knew already, and discovering great new projects. We will not miss next ones!
Jean Schmitt, Partner, Sofinnova, France

Let us say
Elena A. Savina, Director Assistant, Investment & Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Thanks for your choice to make the 3-d stage of RTT in Tomsk and for warm responses about Tomsk and our work. I hope that it will be the start of long, fruitful partnership and team-work.
Alexey Barishev, Tomsk Government, Russia

Tech Tour gave Russian entrepreneurs the valuable opportunity to present their high potential companies to investors from around the world and to meet one-on-one with these investors to network and build contacts. We hope that in the coming months some of these companies will find the investment capital they seek to take their companies to a higher level of growth.
Eric Hansen, Vice President, The U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship, Russia & USA

The Web Mobility Summit 2009 was a great way to understand European trends in the sector, as well as discover wonderful promising companies.
Marc Fournier, Serena Capital, France

Congratulations to the Tech Tour Team. Fantastic organization, great companies! Very encouraging meeting with determined and passionate CEOs and VCs in these days of turbulence. European companies have a huge talent for innovation.
Karen Noël, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, France

I would like to thank you again for the very professional and attractive conference you organised in Montreux last week. We are therefore very satisfied and are always very happy to collaborate with the Tech Tour.
Raphael Conz, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

We are a big supporter of the Tech tour as we believe it provides a unique condensed window on the promising technology companies in a particular region, combined with networking par excellence with the relevant players in that region.
Bart Markus, General Partner, Wellington Partners, Germany

60 investors seeing 25 of the best companies that have been pre-selected from hundreds by a selection committee is a really efficient and focused use of time!
Nigel Grierson, Managing Director, Doughty Hanson, UK

I was very impressed with the quality of presenting companies this year. To me, this is a clear sign that the European medtech start up industry is maturing. I was glad that the Medtech Summit was able to capture this.
Antoine Papiernik, Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners, France

Congratulations to the Tech Tour Team. Fantastic organization, great companies! Very encouraging meeting with determined and passionate CEOs and VCs in these days of turbulence. European companies have a huge talent for innovation.
Karen Noël, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, France

The Web Mobility Summit 2009 was a great way to understand European trends in the sector, as well as discover wonderful promising companies.
Marc Fournier, Serena Capital, France

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