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Award Winners

Goncalo Costa
BioMimetx Lda [PT]
BioMimetx is a Biotech Start-up that researches, develops and delivers innovative solutions for the control of microorganisms, currently focused on the development of a powerful and biological antifouling solution as first product.
Bio-Economy and materials
Gregorio Cappuccino
Calbatt - Rende [IT]
Innovative smart energy management technology for improving the efficiency and profitability of Energy Storage Systems and Evs Charging Stations
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Wouter Ducheyne
Caloritum NV - Antwerp [BE]
Caloritum creates revolutionary solutions for tomorrows energy needs
Bio-Economy and materials
David Brown
Canatu - Helsinki [FI]
Canatu is a leading manufacturer of transparent conductive films for an entirely new class of touch applications
Reinhold Glauner
CPD-SWISS Ltd - Bad Zurzach [CH]
CPD-SWISS has developed fully automated industrial diesel production plants, wich convert organics (biomass, plastics & waste) economically to high quality diesel fuels.
Bio-Economy and materials
Luca Rossettini
D-Orbit - Cadorago (CO) [IT]
D-Orbit is a satellite systems company providing commissioning and decommissioning solutions for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and next-generation satellites constellations.
Marc Schouten
Delft Spectral Technologies - Delft [NL]
Fast and accurate solar cell characterization
Steve van Zutphen
Magpie Polymers [FR]
Precious Metal Recovery
Bio-Economy and materials
Wayne Byrne
OxyMem - Athlone [IE]
OxyMem solves energy intensive wastewater treatment with our Bubble-less MABR aeration that is 4 times more efficient than best in class.
Bio-Economy and materials
Benjamin Krempel
PumpTire AG - Geneve [CH]
Self-inflating Bicycle Inner Tubes & Tires
Smart Mobility & Logistics

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