Frequently Asked Questions

Presenting Companies

1. My company would like to apply to present at a Tech Tour event, are there any fees to register?
No, there is no registration fee to apply.

2. Who sits on the Selection comittee?
The Selection Committee is composed of leading business people, coming from relevant backgrounds and covering various trades, such as venture capital, technology industry and research. You can find the details of each committee under the event on the website.

3.Who are the attendees?
The Tech Tour event attendees are generally composed as follow:
  • 40% Top international VCs
  • 30% Tech Corporates
  • 20% Investment Banks & International service providers
  • 10% Media Representatives
4. Will the Tech Tour sign a Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) concerning the information we provide about our company?
No, however all the information you provide will be handled with extreme confidence. The Tech Tour can assure you that all Selection Committee Members are professionals with a solid reputation and vast experience in handling confidential information.

5. Is there a cost to attend as a Presenting Company?
No, the Tech Tour has a policy of not charging Entrepreneurs to attend the event. However, you will need to cover the cost of your travel and accommodation. Selection is based on merit.

6. If my company is selected to present, do I need to register as a delegate?
No, if you are selected to present at the event your participation for that day is automatic.

7. I want to make changes to my Profile or documents that I sent. How can I do this?
You simply go to our website and use the ″Company Log In″, through this you can access your documents and make any changes to your application.

8. If I am presenting at the event, how many people can I bring with me to the Tour?
As a presenting company, you are allowed to have up to two representatives at the event.

9. If my company is not selected to present are there still benefits?
Yes, your company profile will have exposure to the selection committee who are actively looking for potential investments.

10. Our company has been selected to present but our CEO is no longer available to present on the day. What are our options?
Please let us know if this is the case asap. Ideally you can provide someone else to do the presentation eg: COO, Chairman or Founder.


1.I have registered for a Tech Tour event but can no longer attend. What are the options?
You may send someone instead to the event. We are unable to give refunds as stated in our cancellation policy.

2.I am interested in either sitting on a selection committee or being a President for a Tech Tour event.
Please send an email to info@techtour.com to make your interest known

3. I would like some more information on sponsoring a Tech Tour.

Please visit the sponsorship section of our website or email info@techtour.com for more info.

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