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Thanks for this
Michael Black, CEO, Alertme.com

Thank you very much for the opportunity to present at the Tech Tour Cleantech Summit. I found it to be extremely well organized, and to truly provide the opportunity to connect and exchange with the right people, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere
Ziv Gottesfeld, CEO, CellEra

The Tech Tour is a lot more focused than other events in the same sector, the attendees are better selected, more investors and companies and fewer service providers which makes it better for me.
Niels Bjerregard, Investment Director, Danfoss

The big benefit is the combination of seeing a number of great companies and the second is the huge number of people of relevance for that sector, both industry and investor side.
Bart Markus, General Partner, Wellington Partners

We are always looking for partners and new ideas . We felt this was a good place to come and have an overview of the industry, to find some very fresh thinking and material we have not seen before and see how we can partner with people. I was certainly pleasantly surprised, in the current climate, to see so many people, and there really is a feeling of enthusiasm and activity.
Stephan Raetzer, Strategic Marketing Director, Honeywell

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