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The European Tech Tour Association celebrated its 51st investor event returning to the Southern region for its edition of 2011 - Southern Europe Tech Tour. This Tech Tour covered the most innovative companies from Spain and Italy with selected additions from Portugal, Greece and Turkey. With this new regional format our Tech Tour aims to facilitate investor access to a wider range of companies. For the first time in our history, we have engaged with the Basque Government in northern Spain to be the hosts of the first leg of our tour, incorporating very valuable companies from the region that have been out of the radar and putting at our disposal the best of city of Bilbao and the deep roots in global leadership that its companies (BBVA, Iberdrola, Gamesa) have instilled in their entrepreneurs. The second part of the Tour was hosted by Lazio Region and showcased a mix of technology with history in Rome, Italy.The Southern Europe Tech Tour was held November 30 - December 2, 2011.


To identify the upcoming and leading top 25 high-growth privately held companies in Southern Europe and to introduce them to key European, US and Asian investors and professionals who can assist in their global expansion.

Why should you attend?

The Tech Tour is not only the most time efficient way to see a complete snapshot of the Southern Europe technology ecosystem but you will also spend quality time in about 2 1/2 days with the European investor ecosystem and the entrepreneurs themselves:

1. Discover ground-breaking IP and companies led by innovation and global vision that are emerging in the region: the selection committee, led by the top investors in the region, Nauta Capital, 360 Capital Partners, Innogest and others, has ensured that the companies presenting are bound to become global leaders that you should get to know directly.

2. The Gala dinner, hosted by the Basque Government and sponsored by the top investment and corporate institutions of the region, is a 200 guests event that brings together business leaders and investors representing over $10 bn+ funds under management.

3. Establish and consolidate personal rapport with those shaping tomorrow's industry landscape: The Southern Tech Tour delegates represent top players in the industry at both European and worldwide level.

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