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The European Tech Tour Association presented its 2nd Cloud & Big Data Summit on November 21-22, 2012 with 95 delegates and 25 presenting CEOs. The gala dinner was held in conjunction with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012.

The promise of Cloud Computing is to deliver both IT and SW in a more efficient, flexible and reliable way. Since the 80s, IT and SW have been sold in "boxes" and cloud computing is now distributed through a new channel: the communication networks. This fundamental transition is actually taking place right now and the industry's double digit growth is there to prove it.

As Cloud computing is becoming a de facto standard, we are collectively storing massive amount of data in the cloud. Companies are now trying to mine this immense source of information. Assuming everything is stored in the cloud, interesting questions arise.

Big data will enable businesses to put this massive amount of information to work. Interconnecting and analyzing all pieces of information collected by mankind offers limitless business potential. Time for re-imagination has come; in fact I would have a hard time finding a business sector that will remain untouched by this transformation.

Pascal Eichenberger President of Tech Tour Cloud & Big Data Summit said: I am enthusiastic to see Cloud Computing reaching the masses. I am fascinated by the potential offered by proper and ethical mining of the information we are gathering. Cloud computing is not cloudy anymore, there is sunshine above the cloud.


To identify the upcoming and leading top 25+ high-growth privately held Cloud & Big Data companies in Europe and to introduce them to key European, US and Asian investors and professionals who can assist in their global expansion.

Why should you have registered?

1) Gain Unique New Insights on the Cloud & Big Data Opportunity : The Cloud & Big Data Summit is the only event that gathers high profile insiders, established start-ups and venture capitalists to delve into the heart of today's most pressing Cloud & Big Data related challenges and topics.

2) Discover emerging Solutions : The focus is on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and on raising global awareness for those 25+ European start-ups in the Cloud & Big Data field that stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to showcase Europe's best growth and established companies.

3) Network with those shaping tomorrow's Cloud & Big Data industry landscape: Cloud & Big Data Summit's delegates represent top players in the Cloud & Bid Data industry at both European and worldwide level. The speakers, corporate and PE delegates will be top level.

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