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Presenting Companies


Michele Grassi
40South Energy Italia - Pisa [IT]
40South Energy, a leading developer of wave energy technology since 2007, has invented a ground-breaking method to extract energy from sea waves, solving problems that have plagued previous generations of this technology.
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Frank Roerink
Avantium - Amsterdam [NL]
Leading renewable chemicals/technology company that develops and commercializes a next-generation of biobased plastics and chemicals
Bio-Economy and materials
Lute Broens
Biaqua B.V. - Badhoevedorp [NL]
BiAqua provides patented Biobased (renewable) treatment technology, lowering total cost of ownership of existing and new water treatment technologies (multi Billion market) saving energy and raw materials.
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Patrick Alley
Cynar Plc - Portlaoise. Co Laois [IE]
Cynar Plc is a privately owned Technology company, established in 2004, with a focus on finding solutions for end of life plastics (ELP). Cynar has developed and patented Technology which converts a range of waste plastics into usable liquid fuels.
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Carlalberto Guglielminotti
Electro Power Systems SA - Paris [FR]
EPS unlocks the Energy Transition, providing clean energy when needed.
Marc Lebel
FRX Polymers - Chelmsford [US]
Growth stage cleantech advanced materials company that is commercializing its breakthrough phosphorus-based flame retardant polymeric additives, replacing banned halogen FR additives in the $18B FR plastics market.
Bio-Economy and materials
Sean Sutcliffe
Green Biologics - Abingdon, Oxfordshire [GB]
GBL specialises in manufacture of renewable C4 chemicals and advanced biofuels. The core focus is n-butanol, a backbone chemical used in paints, coatings, adhesives, inks, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, household cleaners and personal care.
Bio-Economy and materials
Bart van den Berg
HeatMatrix Group BV - Geldermalsen [NL]
Turns Waste Heat Into Profit
Wolfram Krendlesberger
HELIOVIS AG - Wiener Neudorf [AT]
HELIOVIS developed an inflatable solar concentrator specifically designed for the MENA-region allowing cost reductions of -55% and CO2-reductions of -40%.
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Kyriakos-Michael Loufakis
INFIMET B.V. - Eindhoven [NL]
INFIMET offers the most efficient and cost effective technology to remove arsenic from drinking water.
Bio-Economy and materials
Michiel Galema
InfraCore Company - Rotterdam [NL]
Leading developer of heavy duty FRP constructions (bridges, lock gates, roofs, floors, walls, offshore panels and other applications,,)
Jon Birger Syvertsen
Kebony AS - Oslo [NO]
Kebony is the sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood
Bio-Economy and materials
Guido Groet
Luxexcel - Kruiningen [NL]
The only company in the world able to 3D print lenses
Kevin Arthur
Oxford PV - Begbroke [GB]
Oxford PV is an exciting spin-out from the University of Oxford. Its’ team of 30 PV & Advanced Material scientists are developing and commercialising a new perovskite-based technology which will revolutionise the generation of solar-powered electricity.
Harold Wiener
PV Nano Cell Ltd - Migdal HaEmek [IL]
PV Nano Cell is a leading tech company developing and commercializing digital inkjet conductive inks, based on nano silver and copper. Unique products for solar cells and copper inks.
Indrek Kaldoja
Skeleton Technologies - Tallinn [EE]
Skeleton Technologies has developed a disruptive 50% cheaper ultracapacitor product for a rapidly growing market. It will solve crucial energy storage problems in transportation, renewable energy, power quality and the industrial sector.
Smart Mobility & Logistics
François Pelissier
Techniwood is a widely recognized player within the sustainable building sector in France and a pioneer in the field of industrial pre-fabricated organically-sourced materials.
Sander Ouwerkerk
The New Motion - Amsterdam [NL]
We want to eradicate fossil fuel in everyday transport and help people to drive as many of their kilometers electrically
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Aki Luukkainen
Wello Ltd. - Espoo [FI]
Developer of wave energy device
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Vadim Utkin
YUNASKO is a developer of ultracapacitor technology that is addressing the need of efficient power storage for renewable energy applications: solar and wind farms, smart grid buffering, mass transit transportation, hybrid and electric cars


Martin Seiffers
Ekolectric BV and Accenda BV - Delft [NL]
Technical Innovation and Implementation Accenda as founder of the Ekolectric BV is
Arnout Van Diem
Algae Food & Fuel - Hendrik-Ido Ambacht [NL]
LED-powered 24/7 algae production
Bio-Economy and materials
Mark Jansson Kragh
Arsizio AB - Varberg [SE]
IPR-company: New production method on licensing basis for the 75 billion Euro extrusion industries, the technology is used today on licensing basis and patented globally.
Karin Nettenbreijers
BewustWijzer - Rotterdam [NL]
sustainable education in climate neutral school buildings
Goncalo Costa
BioMimetx Lda - Cantanhede [PT]
BioMimetx is a Biotech Start-up that researches, develops and delivers innovative solutions for the control of microorganisms, currently focused on the development of a powerful and biological antifouling solution as first product.
Bio-Economy and materials
Edwin Schouten
Blue Motion Energy B.V. - Papendrecht [NL]
Blue Motion Energy developed harvesting combined wave, tidal and wind energy
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Gregorio Cappuccino
Calbatt - Rende [IT]
Innovative smart energy management technology for improving the efficiency and profitability of Energy Storage Systems and Evs Charging Stations
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Wouter Ducheyne
Caloritum NV - Antwerp [BE]
Caloritum creates revolutionary solutions for tomorrows energy needs
Bio-Economy and materials
David Brown
Canatu - Helsinki [FI]
Canatu is a leading manufacturer of transparent conductive films for an entirely new class of touch applications
Reinhold Glauner
CPD-SWISS Ltd - Bad Zurzach [CH]
CPD-SWISS has developed fully automated industrial diesel production plants, wich convert organics (biomass, plastics & waste) economically to high quality diesel fuels.
Bio-Economy and materials
Luca Rossettini
D-Orbit - Milan [IT]
D-Orbit is a satellite systems company providing commissioning and decommissioning solutions for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and next-generation satellites constellations.
Marc Schouten
Delft Spectral Technologies - Delft [NL]
Fast and accurate solar cell characterization
Rob Vandermeij
EFC Separations BV [NL]
Cooling & Eutectic freeze crystallization equipment for the processing industries
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Martin de Haas
ELBIBI bv. - Noordwijk [NL]
ELBIBI, the fun and healthy alternative for metropolitan commuters
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Gilbert Curtessi
EnergyTransformers / Transmare - Rotterdam [NL]
EnergyTransformers™, an initiative of Transmare Holding BV, supplies high quality, sustainable bio-based fuel, facilitating a complete supply chain.
Bio-Economy and materials
Kuno Buijze
Equal Opportunity Carbon B.V. - Brielle [NL]
Production of CO2 neutral highgrade charcoal
Bio-Economy and materials
Simon Hombersley
Estus Power - London [GB]
Estus Power offers a contracting solution to develop industrial waste heat recovery projects
Michiel Mensink
Exasun - Rijswijk [NL]
We produce high end, innovative solar PV modules. Currently producing with positive gross margin, we can't meet market demand and need financing for expansion of production capacity.
Harm Botter
ExxFire BV - Noordwijk [NL]
Game-changing gas storage and release, replacing pressurized inert and chemical gas bottles
Jan Willem Roël
FlexBase - Apeldoorn [NL]
FlexBase designes and build floating and amphibious structures.
Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies
Steve van Zutphen
Magpie Polymers - St Pierre les Nemours [FR]
Precious Metal Recovery
Bio-Economy and materials
Tuomas Riski
Norsepower Oy Ltd - Helsinki [FI]
Provider of auxiliary wind propulsion for cargo vessels
Benedikt Eska
O-flexx - Duisburg [DE]
Heat to Power - thin film Thermoelectric Generators
Patrick Heuts
Oscillating Foil Development BV (O-foil) - Rotterdam [NL]
High efficient oscillating foil propulsion systems for ships
Wayne Byrne
OxyMem - Athlone [IE]
OxyMem solves energy intensive wastewater treatment with our Bubble-less MABR aeration that is 4 times more efficient than best in class.
Bio-Economy and materials
Michael van der Jagt
PARX Plastics - Rotterdam [NL]
Parx Plastics holds a patented technology to make polymers/plastics antibacterial in a biocompatible way.
Bio-Economy and materials
Michiel Lensink
Photanol - Amsterdam [NL]
Turning CO2 from an issue into an asset, powered by the sun
Bio-Economy and materials
Benjamin Krempel
PumpTire AG - Geneve [CH]
Self-inflating Bicycle Inner Tubes & Tires
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Hans-Anton Keserue
rqmicro Ltd - Schlieren [CH]
rapid and quantitative microbiology
Bio-Economy and materials
Markus Klippstein
siOPTICA GmbH - Jena [DE]
siOPTICA is an expert in optical technology with focus on "visual privacy on demand"
Max Beaumont
Skytree (Giaura BV) - Amsterdam [NL]
Skytree uses space technology to increase crop yields and to purify water by harnessing CO2 from the air..
Bio-Economy and materials
Denis Bychkovskii
SmS tenzotherm GmbH - Dortmund [DE]
SmS positions itself uniquely with respect to performance and price
Peter Van der Klok
TCE Gofour BV - Stadskanaal [NL]
TCE GoFour takes the lead in green wave Technology
Bio-Economy and materials
Anton Schaap
Trikelet BV - Hilversum [NL]
Trikelet BV develops the most compact foldable electric scooter in the world
Smart Mobility & Logistics
Zdravko Angelov
VizionZ Engineering BV - Delft [NL]
Making offshore wind cheaper than coal with smart steel structures
Nicholas Gill
Witt Limited - Plymouth [GB]
Providing autonomous power wherever there is motion from grid power to micro-power for internet of things applications.

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