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Cleantech Transition Investment Strategy Roundtable 

On May 23, in Rotterdam, the Strategy Roundtable will unite policy and public investment leaders from EU (EC, EIB, EIF), financial and corporate investors and selected European region and city’s government body representatives from post-industrial regions, such as Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Goteborg, Turin, Hamburg, etc.
The aim of this meeting is to discuss and develop on the understanding and the implementation of Public Private Partnerships among corporations, start-ups, financial investors, EU and local cities that would help in meeting the investment needs of post-industrial regions that are transforming their economies in the following areas:
  • Sustainable Energy (-> zero carbon)
  • Circular Economy (-> zero waste)
The objectives of the roundtable are:
  • Share experiences in accelerating the cleantech transition among EU cities and their respective governing bodies 
  • Assess EU funding opportunities for public-private partnerships (PPP) in the themes above
    • Determine the specific financing needs of PPPs in the cleantech sector
    • Assess the opportunities offered by the European Commission’ initiatives
  • Strengthen the shift in attention from Start-Ups to Scale-Ups and impactful Cleantech Project Partnerships (PPP). 

For more information please contact Mashrukh Talukder at mashrukh[@]techtour.com

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