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The Tech Tour Digital Health Venture Forum, took place on 25th of October in Valencia at the Las Naves venue. The Digital Health Venture Forum (DHVF) allowed entrepreneurs to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking investment and partnerships. Some of the goals of the Forum were to fostering innovative entrepreneurship and promoting Valencia as an attractive city and region.

40 of the best Spanish and European early stage companies were selected to present at the Forum by the investors of the selection committee. The applying companies were assessed on the basis of their business potential, product and technology merit, competitive position, investment or partnering interest, team experience and project profile quality.

The Forum focused on the following:

Digital Health:

1.     Digital therapy, prevention and patient care, health data and analytics *

        Digital therapy and patient engagement (treatment focus)

·       Digital Medicine/ Therapy

·       Engagement, Gamification, Incentives
·       Health Social Platforms / Patient Communities (Patient/ Disease Focus)

       Health Data & Analytics (Health Decision Support)

·       Cross Platform & Device Data Aggregation
·       Health Data Analytics Platform
·       Genomic Data & Analytics

2.     Digital enabled healthcare delivery, telehealth and connected devices *

        Sensors & connected devices (tracking & Dx)

·       Wearables, Sensors, and Connected Devices

·       Mobile Health Solutions & Apps
·       Qualified Self Platforms (Wellness Focus)

        Digitally Enabled Healthcare Delivery, Remote & Telehealth (Connecting Patients & healthcare)

·       Telemedicine / Remote- or Teleconsultations

·       Consumer - Healthcare Provider Interactivity & Data Exchange
·       Consumer facing Life Sciences IT (Clinical Trials)

3.     Social care, provision, innovation and inclusion *

·        Chronic (diseases) care, services & support

·        Benefits management, provision and support

·        Healthy ageing and care to the elderly
·        Digital support to citizens with reduced mobility

4.     Food, nutrition, sports and well-being *

·        Food monitoring of quality and origin

·        Nutrition data and digital services

·        Sports and activity digital platforms
·        Other digital platforms and services for well being

Partners and Sponsors



 Generalitat Valenciana        Ivace           FISABIO          Focus Innova Pyme      Banco de Patentes               InnDEA


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