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The International Venture Club (IVC) is holding an Insurtech Webinar on 19 October from 16:30 to 17:30 CET. The webinar will be chaired by Cédric Köhler, Managing Partner of Creathor Venture and Co-Chair of the IVC Digital Chapter. 

The key purpose of this webinar is to unite the IVC members to learn about key trends from industry leaders and discuss upcoming investment and partnering opportunities.
Webinar agenda: 
  • Opening & roundtable introductions # 10mins
  • Presentations from two Industry Speakers and Q&A # 20 mins
  • Open discussion # 15 mins
  • Update by Tech Tour on new members, upcoming events, database access # 10 mins
  • Wrap-up # 5 mins
Please contact Mashrukh Talukder @ mashrukh@techtour.com if you have any questions or want more information.
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Fintech Summit, Paris, May 2017 (2016 Edition: link)

About the IVC: 
The IVC provides venture capital or corporate investors with access in person and online to selected innovative entrepreneurs, facilitates relationships between investors and generates visibility across the European eco-system. The Club (www.iventureclub.com) is operated by Europe Unlimited & Tech Tour and is governed by an elected independent Council. Membership includes a premium access to the Tech Tour Community facilitating strategic investment into innovative entrepreneurs across Europe with events and online platform across technologies, sectors, stages and regions www.techtour.com (and also www.e-unlimited.com).

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