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The Italian Tech Tour 2017 is promoting innovation and investment for the best technology companies of Italy and showcasing the regions best investment opportunities.

The Italian Tech Tour is taking place in Rome on September 11-12, 2017 and will be a meeting platform for 25 Italian companies selected by a Selection Committee with 80+ Italian and international venture capital and corporate investors and partners attending the 2 day event.

Some key data concerning the Italian Tech Tour:
  •    25 presenting Italian companies companies in ICT, Life Sciences, Luxury Tech , Food tech and Energy
  •    60+ attending VCs, corporate investors and business angels 
  •    130+ attendees
  •    Exclusive opportunity to learn from some of the best companies in the world

Which companies will be there?
  • Start-ups and SMEs looking for partnerships and funding with headquarters in Italy
  • Active in one of the sectors: ICT, Life Sciences, Luxury Tech , Food tech and Energy
  • SME’s of seed and Serie A ( < 3 Million rounds)

Which investors will be there?

  • Large corporate investors
  • Leading venture capitalists
  • Business angels


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