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I believe the merger of the International Venture Club and the TechTour for Healthtechnologies were the right decision. The location in London , jointly with the NYSE, was exceptional and gave the companies a great opportunity to see that you can go public and gave the NYSE and all participants a great impression for the business excellence in Health Technologies in Europe.

Thom Rasche, Partner, Earlybird (Germany)

HTS Health Tech Summit 2013

It was a real pleasure to have the chance to attend the Russian Tech Tour. In addition to a fascinating spread of companies what impressed me most was the quality and variety of fellow investors with whom we were able to network. I hope we

David Farquhar, Managing Partner, Northface Ventures (UK)

Tech Tour Russia 2013

Thank you for the perfect organization of the event and the pleasant time we all pass together! The event has been a great success and very useful for networking.

Adriano De Luca, GreenBit, CEO (Italy)

Southern Europe Tech Tour 2011

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