Tech Tour Success Stories

mysql MySQL in 2006 (acquired by Sun Microsystems for $1 billion in 2008)
yandex $7 billions: 2012 valuation of Yandex, Russian Tech Tour 2004
corevalve Corevalve in 2008 (acquired by Medtronic for $700 million in 2009)
Betfair Qliktech in 2008 (IPO 2010 and value 2012: $1.5 billion)
Betfair Betfair 2010 (IPO in 2011)
Global IP Solutions Global IP Solutions (Norwegian Tech Tour 2002) acquired by Google for USD$68.2 million
YOOX YOOX (Italian Tech Tour 2003) successful IPO in 2009
Precimed Precimed (Swiss Tech Tour 2007) acquired by Greatbach for CHF 123 million
Brands4Friends Brands4Friends (Web & Mobility Summit 2009) bought by Ebay in 2010 for €150 million
Aloqua Aloqua (Web & Mobility Summit 2009) acquired by Motorola in Sept 2011
Plista Plista (Innovation Exchange 2010) acquired in January 2014 by WPP/GroupM

Web & Mobility Summit 2011, Cloud & ICT 2010, Cloud & Big Data Summit 2012:

Many companies that have presented at previous Summits have either been acquired or raised more significant funding. Some notable examples include:
Shutl Shutl acquired by Ebay (2013)
Aloqua Aloqua acquired by Motorla (2010)
Brands Brands for Friends acquired by Ebay (2010) for €150million
Procedural Procedural acquired by Esri (2011)
MexAd MexAd acquired by DataXu (2012)
Sapato acquired by (2012)

More than $300million raised in funding for companies including:
iZettle badoo
klarna Mister Spex¨
Silk StrikeAd

Cleantech Summit: Companies selected for presentation at the 2009 and 2011 Tech Tour Cleantech Summits included:

Alertme, which received €28.5M in funding, • Aquamarine Power; €22M in funding
Azzurro Azzurro Semiconducters; €14.5M in funding
Concentrix Concentrix Solar was acquired by Soitec Group for €61.1M
Enecsys Enecsys; €42.6M in funding
Novaled Novaled; €25.2M in funding
Power Power Plus Communications; €11.6M in funding
Torqeedo Torqeedo; €11M in funding
Xeros Xeros; €15.9M in funding

Healthtech: Companies that have presented in previous Summits have either been acquired or raised more than $1 Billion in funding. Some notable examples include:

BioControl BioControl Medical (2008) raised more than €70m in funding
Corevalve Corevalve in 2008 acquired by Medtronic for $700m
EOS EOS Imaging fka Biospace Med (2008) €40m IPO in 2012
CeQur CeQur (2008 & 2010) $40m funding in 2010
Endosense Endosense (2008) raised more than $80m in funding
Novashunt Novashunt (2008) raised more than $25m
Precimed Precimed (2007) acquired by Greatbach $125m
Optinose Optinose (2008) raised more than $48.5m
Symetis Symetis (2008) raised more than $25m in funding
Gynesonics Gynesonics (2010) $21m in funding
Miracor Miracor Medical Systems (2010) raised more than €13.5m
Sapiens Sapiens (2010) raised more than €32m in funding
BMEYE BMEYE(2010)acquired by Edwards Lifesciences $42m in 2012

Russian Tech Tour 04-09- the following companies have a combined valuation of $12bn+

yandex Evernote
Parallels ABBYY
Alawar Acronis

UK & Ireland Tech Tour 2010:

Companies raised funding of over €100M:
Just Eat Maxymiser
Companies that have been acquired:
Aepona Aepona fro €92.7M by Intel
Comlinet Comlinet by Thomson Reuters
Lagan Technologes Lagan Technologes by Kana
Mobile interactive Group Mobile interactive Group for €45M by Velti

French & Benelux Region:

Since 2009 the following companies have been acquired:
OpenTrust by Keynetics Time Reversal Communications by Sagem Communications DiBcom by Parrot
Funding: Since 2009 the following companies have gained more than €140M in funding:
Aldebaran Criteo
EBlink Inside Contactless
Qosmos Sofialys Tinbub Square
Total Immersion Viadeo

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